747 Warehouse St

adidas All Star Weekend 2018

Studio  Kamp Grizzly
Client  adidas
Other Designers  Ashley Marcu, Josh Eberhard, Christy Zilka, Judd Ortiz
Motion Designer  Franky Martin
Art Directors  Rachel Yoakum, Rehanah Spence, Justin Morris
Creative Director  Kevin ‘Yogi’ Hakim
Executive Creative Director  Dan Portrait

            The brief from adidas was to disrupt all star weekend 2018 and create an unforgettable experience for the city of Los Angeles. Our approach was an unprecendented two-day festival blurring the line between basketball and culture: 747 Warehouse St.

            I joined the team to help with design across all touchpoints including wayfinding in the warehouse, VIP welcome kits, UX/UI design for the ticketing system and product raffle beacons, digital communications, print flyers, wayfinding, etc... 

            The mission of the warehouse was to set a new tone of voice for basketball culture. With this goal at the helm, our visual language was an ever-changing, unapologetic identity system that symbolized making new with the old. We chopped and screwed codes of both factory and sport, creating a fresh, unexpected and playful aesthetic for the event that delicately balanced raucous play and informational detail.