Chiquita 🍌


Studio  Wieden+Kennedy
Client Chiquita Bananas
Other Designers  Danielle McCoy, Julia Perry, Dee Mahon
Design Lead  Mike Weihs
Design Director  Guy Featherstone

             Chiquita approached W+K Design for a refresh of their brand. As a part of a small design team, I helped with initial visual exploration to create a playful identity that expressed Chiquita bananas as bold, iconic, optimistic, healthy, and fun. 

             Type Exploration

             Hands of Bananas
—A bunch of bananas is called a hand, while a single banana is referred to as a finger.

             Banana Forms
—Exploration of the banana form with gestural monoweight strokes to create expressive, fun compositions.

              The Banana “Pill”
—Layout exploration without banana photography. Recreating the pill from the banana’s point of view to house headlines.