Is Design Enough?

Portland Design Week Posters 

Design Lead  Rehanah Spence
Design Director  Guy Featherstone

           "We are in uncharted territory. What is our role in the changing political, social, economic, and environmental landscape, as designers?"

This was the question posted to Wieden+Kennedy’s Studio from the organizers of Design Week Portland 2017. Our collective response celebrated design’s most prolific visual statement, the poster. Together, we created a series of posters of varied topics. To engage with the Portland community and expand the conversation beyond the gallery walls, we wheatpasted the posters on the building across the street from the agency. The community was also invited into the gallery space to take smaller copies of the posters we had printed on stacks of newsprint.

My approach was investigating the impact design can have in spurring conversations across the political, social, and economic aisle. I created three triptychs that leveraged interactions between simple, geometric shapes to investigate political and social issues.